Andrew Stroh

How long have you been Onewheeling?:

Over 2 years! September 13th, 2015 was day one and I’ve been using OW as my main form of transportation ever since.

Favorite digital shaping mode:

Mission. Buttery smooth, great for the streets and best mode for battery life.

Favorite trick:

Probably the Frontside 360

Favorite terrain to ride:

City streets.

Usually blasting music on a Bluetooth speaker and feeling invincible.

Favorite Float Plate model:

The Dank Green Stroh’s of course. Only the Dankest plates around.

Where do you see Onewheeling going in the future:

For me, the future will continue to be full of street riding with jib sessions thrown in to progress my grind and pop tricks. I just love riding period. Can’t stop won’t stop.

As a whole, I see the sport leaning towards tricks because that’s where the progression is the heaviest and people eat that shit up. I hope to see tons of events. There were 2 big ones this year (RFTR & FLF) and I want more!!


The Float Life, Hover Hooligans, Craft & Ride, Chicago E-Skate.

I’d love to have a Griptape sponsor, I burn through that ish.

Media Links:

YouTube Channel: SlydogStroh

Instagram: @slydogstroh 

I highly encourage people to watch my Instagram stories, I’m always uploading raw clips and interacting with the community there.

Peace and Always Keep Ripping!