Bodhi Harrison

How long have you been Onewheeling?:

 I bought my first Onewheel at the beginning of Summer 2k16! Going on about two years now and OBSESSED!

Favorite digital shaping mode:

That’s like asking which child is your favorite… I love Elevated for dirt and “Bodhi-Bonks”, Mission for street and Delerium for Skateparks and heavy street shredding.

Favorite trick:

Front nose slides and nose blunts!

Favorite terrain to ride:

Long dirt trails, curbs and Skateparks!

Favorite Float Plate model:

The Yellow Hover Hooligans Collab Plates! Pink BH Plates coming soon!

Where do you see Onewheeling going in the future:

It’s the future of travel! I see tons of people using them for commuting and shredding all sorts of obstacles.


 Hover Hooligans, The Float.Life, Craft & Ride, Occupy Organics and Zeal Optics.

Media Links

Youtube Channel: Bodhi Harrison

Instagram: @bodhiharrison