Kyle Taylor

How long have you been Onewheeling?

On Car Free Day in Victoria BC Canada in June 2016, I was first introduced to the magic we know as the Onewheel. I immediately began day dreaming about the endless possibilities, and noticing spots I could shred if only I had one. Two months later my first Onewheel arrived and I have never looked back.

Favorite digital shaping mode

I wish there was one mode to rule them all or it knew what I was thinking because I am constantly switching it up.

Favorite trick

For me, it is all about being creative and figuring out what trick can be done in what spot.

Favorite terrain to ride

I find I get more creative in the street, but there is just something about ripping though the trees and trail riding. That is the magic of the Onewheel… I don’t have to choose!

Favorite Float Plate model

Raquel Hoffman-McCosker Pro Model- SOOOO Freakin Buttery!

Where do you see Onewheeling going in the future:

In General:

Onewheel has no where to go but up from here! I think there is going to be a huge expansion in the coming years in competitions, races and festivals. Onewheel is still relatively unknown but it is on the map and I think it would be pretty amazing to one day see it at something like the X Games.


I think there is so much coming our way in the world of Onewheel that we haven’t even thought of yet and I am excited to be a part of that. My goal is be a bigger part of the Onewheel community and I am stoked to take part in some of these rad competitions and races coming up in 2018.


The Float Life

Media Links

Youtube Channel: West Coast Land Pirate

Instagram: @westcoast.landpirate