Raequel Hoffman-McCosker

How long have you been Onewheeling?

In February, it will be two years. I thought I could have fun on trails just running and biking along with Jeff on his Onewheel… we tried that for one session and then I decided I needed to buy my own.

Favorite digital shaping mode

 Extreme in the V1, Mission for the Onewheel+

Favorite trick

Noseslides on down rails

Favorite terrain to ride

dry packed clay single track trails in coniferous forests with views of water

Favorite Float Plate model

 The burgundy Raequel H. pro models! My favorite color by far, and they’re silky smooth on slides.

Where do you see Onewheeling going in the future

 I visualize a time in the near future when pedestrians aren’t shouting at me, “What is that?” They’ll already know. I think there’s going to be a time soon when Onewheels will be seen as green energy-efficient mobility devices that are great for getting around town, and also for having a blast off-road on trails too. I can just see more and more contests and festivals popping up all around the world while more and more people are getting into it. With the increased popularity that’s bound to happen, I think that it’s all the more important that we keep a peaceful relationship between the Onewheeling concept and the people involved with city laws, various types of trails… etc. As long as respect is given and respect keeps on getting more respect, I see more great things coming for our community as a whole (like airport relief, more Onewheeling courses and possibilities within them, and awesome video content).


 The Float Life, Bern, Girls with Guns, Hover Hooligans

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